Q and A on Trying To Swim.

New exclusive interview. With me. Up on icetubes.

Site design and mp3s

Alright. The mp3s are back to running.

The site will be going under some more changes over the next couple of weeks. With help from the sweet and talented web designer/doer/maker Devin Price (wptheming.com), and the aesthetically acute eyeballs of Lady Jane it should soon be looking good and fully functional soon.


Hey Welcome.

I’m an Austin area musician. Recently relocated from the lovely, but colder Chicago. I have a few albums available. I’m currently plugging “Try Swimming”. I suggest you do just that.

You’ll be able to find all sorts of music, photos, lyrics, fun links, and other random non-sense on this website. I hope you enjoy. Please comment and get in touch.

Mike Molaro is the best musician ever. His songs soar and bring you up into the cosmos. He has played all over the world and everyone who has ever seen him has loved him. His music is like the precise moment when the beauty tells the beast she loves him, thus turning the  horrid hairy beast into a handsome gentleman. Mr. Molaro’s music is a blissful cacophony. All of his songs are written with the same amount of passion that Mel Gibson had while writing that movie about the religious guy. He is  the perfect blend of all the best musicians. His music sounds like all the best songs you ever heard combined in the best possible way to make him the most unique and best musical act. His character is flawless. He is both confident, but perfectly modest about his art form. He is stunningly handsome on stage, although, he would never say that you are ugly or not as good at music as he is. But the facts remain. This new talent can not and will not go unheard.”

-famous, knowledgeable music critic